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How to buy wine for your wedding

Certainly the preparations for a wedding can be exhausting. Wedding dresses, costumes, rehearsals, invitations, bouquets, uh ... you' re done with all this! And then the great anxiety starts - THE RECEPTION!

The most important factor in the success of a wedding reception is the music and off course, the drinks! Want to hear our advice for a successful wedding? Make sure you have enough booze ...

For everyone who designs weddings, their own or someone else's, these are the basic rules that will help you order wine.


Make sure you have enough

To calculate how much wine you will need, use some basic assumptions and simple mathematics.

Our basic assumption is that on average an individual in this type of event consumes about two glasses of wine per hour.

Multiply the number of people who drink (remove the children) x 2 x the number of hours you expect your party to last.

This is about the amount of wine you will need, measured in glasses. To calculate the wine bottles that will be needed for your wedding, divide the above figure by 5.

If only wine and beer are served at the reception, estimate about 75% of the total for wine and 25% for beer. If other alcoholic beverages or cocktails are served, estimate about 50% of total for wine.


Choose according to the time of year

The basic prediction you have to do is how much white, how much red, how much rose wine you 'll need, and how much sparkling wine you need to have. This is greatly influenced by the weather on the wedding day!

If we are talking about summer, hot nights, the ratio tilts significantly towards the white wine. If the wedding is going to be in winter, be prepared by having larger amount of red wines.


How much should the wine cost?

Weddings are already costing a lot! You have to make sure you have enough wine for your guests without escaping economically (unless you want to). Fortunately there are several excellent wines under 10 € or under 6 € if you want.

Look for wines with excellent value for money ratio, because you 'll need a big quantity. (Do you know we are experts in this?)


Make sure it is served at the right temperature

It is essential that the white wines that will be served at the wedding will be frozen (8-10 ° C) and the reds at a temperature around 16-17 ° C. If the wedding is during summer months, the temperature should be about 1 - 2 ° C lower as it will warm up quickly.


Try before you buy

Whatever the catering or event venue tells you about how amazing the wine they serve at your wedding is, insist on trying it!

It may be a good idea to buy a bottle before ordering the whole quantity or asking to try it. If you does not like it, it is most likely that your guests won't either.


If you need help with the right wine for your wedding, expert team is at your disposal!

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