The best Delicatessen and their perfect wine pairings
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Wine Talks: Moschopolis Team
Alice, Dimitris, and Theodore complement each other, they’ve set a goal for a single-variety wine from Kalomati, they agree that Apostolos Thymiopoulos is the ideal partner to co-create a wine and they don't know who owes a long trip to whom! And no, they said a lot more!
Wine Talks: Ernst Loosen
Ernst Loosen, as a child wanted to be an Archaeologist, believes that apart from Riesling, German Pinot Noir will attract a lot of attention, he is preparing for another great collaboration, he loves Assyrtiko from Santorini and he is terribly bored with bookkeeping! And no, he said a lot more!
No bake cheesecake with lemon cream and white chocolate
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The best rose wines of the 2019 vintage
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What is Prosecco?
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What is Marsala wine?
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