What wine ratings and medals mean for wines
I know that for some people medals and ratings influence their decision about the wine they are going to buy. For others, they are just numbers. What do wine ratings actually mean? How are they translated? Is it right to only buy wines that score 90 pts or more (as many do)? I will try to answer these and other questions below. Let's go!
Riesling in 5'!
Riesling is the unsung king of white varieties worldwide and the variety that can accompany almost everything! Learn how, where and why in 5 minutes!
Junk food & sparkling wines : Wine Secrets
Burger with Franciacorta or souvlaki with Domaine Karanika? If you think it is a bit controversial, read below and you may discover your next favorite food and wine pairing!
Pork belly chops with beer marinade
Who doesn't love pork belly? We have an amazing recipe for marinated pork belly chops for you! Pair them with a barrel-aged Chardonnay!
The Right Wine for 10 Super Summer Situations
Summer is here for good and you are planning the next nights out, swims, balcony parties, barbecues, get-togethers, etc. We here at botilia put our minds together to find the right wines for 10 real-life situations you're sure to face this summer.
Free delivery in Greece
Have your wines delivered all over Greece with free shipping!
A tour in Santorini in 5 minutes!
Sunsets, beaches, fava beans, tomatokeftedes and of course Assyrtiko! Read everything you want to know about the enchanting island of Santorini and its wines!
Easy moussaka with potatoes and eggplants
Now that tomatoes and eggplants are in season, you must make a neat but easy moussaka. Check the recipe below and put a Xinomavro in the decanter!
Stuffed lamb cooked in vine leaves
A delicious recipe for a lamb that melts in your mouth! If you love the traditional oven-baked lamb this version will excite you! Pick a Xinomavro or an Assyrtiko and you are ready!
The best Easter Wines
This year, we will finally enjoy the countryside and celebrate Easter properly! And if you are looking for something to drink, we have the best Easter wines!