Pork belly chops with beer marinade
Who doesn't love pork belly? We have an amazing recipe for marinated pork belly chops for you! Pair them with a barrel-aged Chardonnay!
Easy moussaka with potatoes and eggplants
Now that tomatoes and eggplants are in season, you must make a neat but easy moussaka. Check the recipe below and put a Xinomavro in the decanter!
Stuffed lamb cooked in vine leaves
A delicious recipe for a lamb that melts in your mouth! If you love the traditional oven-baked lamb this version will excite you! Pick a Xinomavro or an Assyrtiko and you are ready!
Chicken with lemon and macaroni
If you like roasted chicken with lemon, this variation with macaroni will excite you. Mellow and aromatic, you only need a glass of oak-aged Assyrtiko!
Fettuccine with spicy chicken, olives and feta
This spicy, tomatoy and rich dish will excite you! It is the perfect dish to accompany a crisp rosé from Xinomavro! Try it now!
Cod croquettes with garlic sauce (skordalia)
Try this fantastic recipe of the classic and favorite dish, cod with garlic sauce (skordalia) with a twist! Put in your glass a nice refreshing Retsina and live the best of it!
It's time to make empanadas, the delicious pies with the juicy filling! The recipe may have originated in Spain but is now very popular in Mexico, Argentina and across Latin America!
Casarecce with tomato sauce and tuna
This dish has it all: tuna, pasta and fresh tomato sauce! It is a good excuse to open a rose from Xinomavro or a light red, slighlty chilled.
No bake cheesecake with lemon cream and white chocolate
A refreshing, lemony and delicious dessert to close a formal dinner or to accompany your afternoon tea! Check the recipe below!
Nicoise salad with salmon and beans
This delicious variation of the classic French salad is the ultimate summer meal. Light and nutritious, it goes perfectly with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc!