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What are bush vines?
You see it on wine labels, in magazines, this is what wine experts talk about but what are bush vines really about?
Fall Wine Party 19/10
We are throwing a party and you're invited!
15 Grape Varieties You Should Try!
If you're bored to drink the same varietals and you 're looking for the next wine that will excite you, this article is for you! We have 15 new suggestions for you to try!
Wine and Art Festival
The most innovative festival that combines wine with art takes place on September 28-29 at the Athens School of Fine Arts!
Honey, I froze the wine!
You accidentally froze your wine and it became a slushie! What now?
The wine in ancient Greece
Greek wine has its roots in ancient times and this is certainly not something shocking. Ancient Greeks had laid the foundations of philosophy, medicine, geometry, and sculpture. Oenology was not going to get away as you can imagine.
Basic beef cuts and the Greek wine to pair
What is Picanha? How is ossobuco cooked? What Greek wine do we drink with a rib eye? Learn what you need to know about beef!
Beginners guide to Greek Wine
Learn everything you need to know about Greek wine!
The unique vineyard of Santorini
Why everyone is talking about Santorini’s vineyard? Why Santorini’s wines are so expensive? The reasons are too many, read below to learn them all!
Everything you need to know about orange wines
Learn everything you need to know about orange wines and find out why sommeliers love them!
What makes a wine expensive?
If you're wondering why some wines are more expensive than others we have all the answers.
Wine Oscars: The Winners
The results of Wine Oscars are here! Tap to see if you your favorite wine won!
Roxanne Matsa: The mother of Malagouzia
The great lady of Kantza and the mother of Malagouzia is probably one of the most outstanding Wine Personalities you will ever meet.
Wine for Pasta Lovers!
Now that the weather has got a bit chilly, are you in the mood for going out? But what are we eating? Of course, the easiest, tastier, faster and at the same time absolute "comfort food": Pasta!
The best Greek wines of 2018
These are the best Greek wines of 2018 according to the 22.000+ members of botilia.gr.
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