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The best rose wines of the 2019 vintage
Rose has no season as it goes well with almost everything! We have selected the 11 best rosés of the 2019 vintage, so you will be well aware of what you should definitely try!
What is Prosecco?
Sure, you have enjoyed it several times, either plain or in the famous Aperol Spritz cocktail, but do you know what Prosecco really is? How is it made or where? Read below and learn everything!
What is Marsala wine?
You probably know that Marsala is a wine that can be added in sauces and desserts, to give them a rich taste! But it's not just that, so read on to learn everything about it!
How to buy wine for your wedding
The basic rules that will help you choose the right wine for your wedding, easily and safely!
Basic pork cuts and their wine pairings
What do we drink with a pork shank? What is pancetta? How do we make the perfect pork tenderloin? All these things and so much more, along with their best wine pairings are here!
5 reasons to drink wine this summer!
Although the reasons are many more, these 5 summarize the essence and do not leave room for disagreement even to the most skeptics.
Cold appetisers for wine
As the temperature rises, we are seeking for cold appetisers accompanied by chilled wine! Vassilis shares with us his favourites and suggests the perfect wine pairings, for guaranteed success!
Wine Talks: Yiannis Papargyriou
Yiannis Papargyriou said "This is what I want to do" when he tasted a Chateau Lafite, he’d like to work with Thymiopoulos, he would go crazy if he could have Roussanne and he states that fish soup pairs only with water! And no, he said a lot more!
Botilia.gr: best online wine shop 2019 & 2020
Botilia.gr was awarded as the best online wine shop for 2 consecutive years! Read on and find out how we did it!
Wine Talks: Marios Nikolaidis
Marios Nikolaidis would love to have worked with the great Haridimos Hatzidakis, he can't decide which other variety he would like to have, and he is bored when pumping over the cap! And no, he said a lot more!
The best Easter Wines
We may not enjoy the countryside this year but we will definitely celebrate Easter! And if you are looking for something to drink, we have the best Easter wines!
Coronavirus VS Wine
The motto is one and it's universal: Stay home! No need to panic since there are so many things you can do and spend your time creatively and joyfully!
Wine Talks: Nikos Karavitakis
Nikos Karavitakis is giving up everything to work with Lalou Bize-Leroy, he pairs souvlaki with Muscat of Spina and if he could, he would play Guns n’ Roses music to his vines! And no, he said a lot more!
Wine Talks: Apostolos Kourtis
Apostolos Kourtis would like more research at all levels, he considers Oniros as his biggest success until Xinomavro 2019 comes out, he would go to New Zealand without a return ticket and he has made the craziest wine-food combo! And no, he said a lot more!
Riesling in 5'!
Riesling is the unsung king of white varieties worldwide and the variety that can accompany almost everything! Learn how, where and why in 5 minutes!
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