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Clean Monday Wines

Clear Monday wines

Enough with the chops and sausages, the day of absolute shellfish – eating is coming: Clean Monday (yup)! Yeap, you can drink tsipouro or ouzo, but I'm here (again) to tell you what wine to drink with all the seafood and not only (listen to me carefully).


  1. Fish roe spread

This day's all-time classic spread with lemony acidity, plenty of olive or canola oil and fishy flavor, wants a white wine with a sharp and fruity character. Well, here I would suggest a retsina. The fruit, the acidity, the subtle resin flavors indicate that the classical things were made to fit. My favorite is Afros Kechris Winery. If retsina is not one of your favorite choices then I would suggest you try the exuberant and impressive Savatiano Vientzi Papagiannakos Winery.


  1. Cockles and clams

Iodine, sea saltiness and plenty of lemon. Well yeah you figured this out easily, you will have Assyrtiko, Santorini Vassaltis for example. The other option is the more classic and, for some, the most amazing food and wine pairing, a champagne such as Taittinger Brut.


  1. Octopus

If it is grilled with olive oil, I would recommend Moschopolis 6, which with its smoky aromas and rich oily character will take the dish off. If, on the other hand, the octopus is stewed with wine, I would suggest an elegant red with enough acidity and fruity character. Bourgogne Vieilles Vignes by Albert Bichot or Limiona Oenops Wines are the best pairings! So, Pinot Noir or Limniona is your choice!


  1. Steamed mussels 

There are many options in this case, both for wine pairings and for recipes. In the first case, you might spice things up a bit with mustard, coriander and lemon. Spicy, salty, vegetally and lemony dish, demands for Malvasia Aromatica from Koroniotis Winery. A hint of sweetness, herbal aromas and generous doses of citrus fruits will be in perfect balance with the dish. In the other case, you will play with classics with white wine, onion and parsley. Here you want a wine with a vegetable character, balanced acidity and minerality. I would suggest you try the divine Ultreia Godello Raul Perez.


  1. Fried squid

Oily dish, lightly battered with buttery texture, it wants a wine with crisp acidity, mineral character and rich body. Riesling Wehlener Saunnenuhr Dr. Loosen is the perfect pairing for this dish, especially if you squeeze a bit of lemon on it. And since I said lemon ... you can also pair them with the sharp Cuvee Brut Speciale Domaine Karanika.

  1. Shrimp pasta

Fresh tomato and freshly grounded pepper ask for a Xinomavro or Syrah. Rose de Xinomavro Thymiopoulos Vineyards is the perfect option if you love xinomavro. Bonus it has been matured in oak barrel that adds volume and oiliness to go with the exuberant pasta dish. If you choose Syrah and you love spicy dishes, then put some chili in the sauce and Orivatis Rose in your glass.


  1. Stuffed vine leaves (dolmadakia)

Due to my origin, the stuffed vine leaves with plenty of herbs are always on our menu in this particular day. The intense vegetal character of the dish as well as the lemon, desperately demand for a Sauvignon Blanc. Argyriou’s crisp and fruity Sauvignon Blanc will fit like a glove. On the other hand if you do not want to skip your favorite Malagouzia, then you can accompany this dish with Malagouzia Mpougiouris Estate.


Eva Markaki

Wine Geek