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Tsiknopempti Wines

For a few, it is a day like any other, for some the excuse to break their diets and indulge in great perversion, for others the opportunity to indulge in the most competitive sport of the balcony - that of the roaster - while for some others, it is a day joy, inner peace, ritual and enjoyment of the most traditional folklore event of the year. We belong to these others!

Sharpen teeth, polish glasses, and read on, prepare for Tsiknopempti properly, honestly, and without collateral damage.

The Chicken

The starters of the day are neither ointments nor platters with cheeses and other cold cuts. We go straight to the theme, which some people like and will continue exclusively with it, but some others are tired of it, it "smells" to them and at this stage, they are waiting for the next, "worth-eating". I refer to the chicken rib exclusively, because if you eat only chicken breast, "The pleasure of Tsiknopempti left the group"... Only with herbs and lemon, it will pair great with Malagouzia from La Terre Pres Du Soleil 2022 and the Girlemi Family Winery, while if marinated in spicy sauce, #Lou 2023 from Chateau Peyrassol, is what will give a fruity balance.

The Veal

The purest and fat-free protein, or otherwise the most perfect steak on the grill, is the Top Blade, also known as Iron flat, or in Greek, beef scallop. Grilled at a high temperature with the minimum possible baking, coarse salt, and peppery spices it has a unique taste and its accompaniment is a peppery Syrah 2020 from Estate Miga with juicy fruit and respectable tannins, which will embrace the protein of the meat.

A level up in recognition, but also price, are rib eye and picanha, which make the griller's life easier because of the fat. The chances of bad cooking are minimal since the fat helps a lot and enhances the taste. Of course, it would be good if they were not overcooked, and if you manage to grab a piece, pair it with the bold Ktima Foundi 2019 from Foundi Estate which has great concentration and structure, while if you want to become the protagonist of an episode in the series "adventures on the grill", pair them with Queen Mavrodaphni and La Reine Des Montagnes Noire 2022 from Papargyriou Estate.

If you prefer the beef meat patty, either on its own or in a burger, there are plenty of options depending on the sauces and side dishes. But usually, it has herbs and spices that give a freshness and "cool" the meat element. Kokkinomilos 2020 from Tselepou Estate is complex, with a velvety texture that will pair great with the plain burger. If you change your mind and want to try it in a burger, with vegetables and mustard or mayonnaise, prefer a lightly aged Deka White 2015 from the Oinogenesis Estate.

The Lamb

For the most bucolic situations, lovers of clean-cut flavors, without many embellishments, will go towards the lamb ribs, which will need strong acidity, to "clean up" the very fatty and animalistic sensation, but also full-bodied with complexity, which will keep the balance. Pure Santorini 2020 from Volcanic Slopes Vineyards is ideal.

The Pork

There are two correct choices for pork. The fatty and juicy pancetta and pork sausage that is there is a bit of a crown letter because it usually keeps surprises such as peppers, leeks, and even cheese. In the case of pancetta, the ideal is a wine with rich fruit, subtly spicy character, with smoky and woody notes, such as Ble Alepou 2020 from Ktima Kyr-Yianni. Sausages should be played on a friendly playing field to match everything and pair with a barrel-aged Chardonnay, such as The Smuggler's Boot Chardonnay 2021 from Richard Kershaw.

The "Everybody will Taste"

The day is traditionally a Carnivore diet day, but the vegetarian dishes are supported and enjoyed equally, with many wine options. Tofu tikka souvlaki, mushrooms with shawarma spice mixture, and tandoori cauliflower (this is left as a side effect from the quarantine days), are among the foods that need coals and will be tried by everyone, even if they play it difficult at first. Geranium Rosé 2022 from Ampelones Karavitaki has a medium body and a subtle barrel feel, which will go hand in glove with the spicy flavors of all the above.


Christina Tsogka