POSTS 5+1 Netflix series you should watch and their wine partners


5+1  Netflix series you should watch and their wine partners

It is getting cold outside and we are gradually moving to winter, so the duo couch - Netflix will be super-hot this season. You are probably bored to hang out in bars and restaurants or walk in the and you're right. On the other hand, when you stay at home with Netflix you will crave something to drink, right? Correctly! I'm here to give you the solution again with a substantial article that tells you in a simple and comprehensive way what to see and what to drink! The list includes classic and favorites but also hot new entries (both in wine and in series). Let's go!

  1. Casa de papel

If you belong to the minority that has not watched professor and his team rob the mint of Madrid with mastery then you are probably lucky to have the opportunity to watch three epic seasons of agony and adrenaline back to back hanging out with a glass of Tempranillo like Bold of Karavitakis Winery. It was almost pre-defined as Casa de papel is full of Spanish flair. In addition, red is the color of the gang, not only because they wear red uniforms but also because your heart will be racing from the suspense.

  1. You

Ah, all the things can you do for love... You’s protagonist, Joe Goldberg, takes his love - induced - paranoia one step further and becomes Beth's absolute stalker until he finally gets her with dubious results and dramatic developments. The guy is a total psycho but at the same time, in a magical way, he manages to be incredibly cute and attractive. Pretty, youthful faces, stunning images from romantic New York City and generous doses of love demand a glass of rosé wine but with surprising character and complexity. Yeap, I'm talking about the badass Moschopolis 8.

  1. Peaky Blinders

In post-war England a gang led by Tommy Shelby engages in gang wars, robberies, guns, violence and political games, always in with unparalleled British style. Great directing, and a Cillian Murphy at his best (critics saying, not just me) will magnetize you from the first episode. In the series Tommy Shelby is a bloodthirsty gangster who would surely drink a robust red wine like Deux Dieux of Aivalis Winery.

  1. Sex Education

How easy is it to be a teenager and discover your sexual identity in the oppressive society of the 80s? Not easy at all! Even more so if your mother is a sex therapist and overanalyzes everything around sex, making you even a subject for her book (AWKWARD)! This is the life of Otis Milburn, who, with the help of a marginalized classmate, decide to advise their classmates on their sexual problems. Delightful comedy with social messages, garnished with teenage innocence and glitter. The ideal match would be a pure (without sulphites), innocent and fragile wine like Experimental Malagouzia of Matsa Estate.

  1. Ugly delicious

CAUTION: do not watch this on an empty stomach. David Chang, a well-known chef in America, explores iconic foods such as pizza, sushi, tacos in various neighborhoods and discovers delicious and emotional stories. Tasty and extremely indulgent, it will intrigue you and you will surely get hungry. Here the wine pairing is difficult because you can order from Chinese to bbq while we are watching this. So, we end up with 2 epic passe-partouts: retsina and sparkling! In particular I would choose Roza from Kechris Winery or Brut Cuvee Special of Domaine Karanika.

Just a moment, we are not done yet! They just informed me that my colleague, Yiannis Zerdes wants to make an intervention, proposing a bonus series.

Bonus: The Spy

The bonus couldn't be anything else than this masterpiece and immersive mini-series, The Spy. Based on true events, enriched by Gideon Raff (Homeland, Prisoners of War), it unravels the story of Eli Cohen, the greatest and best-known Israeli spy, who acted as a secret agent of Mossad in Damascus in the early 1960s, obtaining information from the Syrian Army. Sacha Baron Cohen, the star of Ali G, Borat and Bruno, who plays Eli, makes a big surprise and manages to remind us that there are these series too. Smart, powerful and awesomely multidimensional. What would be suitable for a man with a thousand faces? Surely the ideal white wine would Dorian Wine of Balatsouras Family Winery, the greatest surprise we have ever tasted. On the other hand, the ideal red wine for this series would be Oniros of Ktima Kourtis, the spectacular multi-varietal blend, which no matter how many times you try it, you will always discover something new and extremely interesting.




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