POSTS 9 weird facts about wine that you probably didn't know!


9 weird facts about wine that you probably didn't know!

1. Every bottle of wine contains approximately 1.27 kgr of grapes.
2. Pythagora’s wine glass was a special creatin in order to ensure the consumption of wine in moderation. When the level of wine exceeded a specific limit, then the glass emptied on its own all its contents.
3. Price Charles uses wine to crank his Aston Martin. Specifically, he uses a biofuel from wine to reduce the pollutants released in the atmosphere by his car.
4. Do you have leftover wine and you don’t want to throw it?? Pour it in an icecube mold and whenever you want to use wine in your cooking just use an icecube.
5. When Ippokrat used to write drug prescriptions to his patients, almost in every one of them he added wine as a “medicine”.
6. According to historians, wine indirectly had overthrown the Roman Empire. Romans used to love wine very much and they drank a lot, so wine was the Trojan horse for any kind of poison, which Roman generals, emperors etc used to drink like it was water within their wine.

7. Did you know that if you add a bit of salt and water in the ice of the wine cooler the wine will cool much faster? A try will convince you.
8. The carpet got stained with red wine! What now? Just pour some white wine and the stain will be neutralized enough so that you can rub the “cocktail” with a towel.
9. In ancient Greece, the host was the one that used to drink the first sip of wine to prove that it isn’t poisoned.