POSTS 4 common mistakes that harm our wines


4 common mistakes that harm our wines

Wine from its discovery is being produced with the purpose of pleasure. No matter the cost of every bottle, the effort of the producer is big and we ought to respect it by enjoying every wine like it deserves.

These are 4 common mistakes that harm our wines and reduce its pleasure.

  1. Wrong storage of wines

The rightest and most ideal way to store wines is in a sidelong position in order to keep the cork wet and avoid its drying. If the cork dries out, the possibilities of air entering the bottle are multiplied. We’re talking about the spoiling of wine and its oxidization, without any way to save its contents. When you see wines on shelves in an upright position and under heavy lighting, you should wish for them to not have stayed there for more than 2-3 days.

       2. Wrong serving temperature

We ought to serve dry white wine in the right temperature. By serving it in very low temperatures, its aromas will be “locked up” resulting in faintness while its taste will be lost. Ideally, fresh white wines should be served in 8 – 10o C degrees, while more full bodied or aged white wines should be served in 12 – 13ο C degrees. Respectively, for red wines, when they’re being served in temperatures higher than the ideal, the scents of alcohol outweigh the aromas of fruits and spices. Ideal temperatures of serving a fresh red wine are 12 – 14o C while full bodied aged wines should be served in about 2ο C degrees higher.

       3. Wrong use of decanter

White wine should be served directly in glasses, with very little exceptions of those aged for many years that decanting will benefit them.

In red wine, the transportation of wine from the bottle into a decanter, usually improves the quality of our wine. The basic effect of wine’s contact with oxygen is the release of the less volatile acidity aromas of the wine, and the softening of rough tannins. The time of decanting varies from wine to wine but don’t overdo it. In 30 minutes your wine will give you a feast of aromas and tastes so you don’t have to wait more. Anywise the wine will continue developing until you drink the final sip.

       4. Wrong choice of glass and wrong way to hold it

There are so many kinds of glasses, possibly for every variety of wine. Yet, the ideal one should have a stem and that’s because our hands need to have some distance from the content of the wine glass. In no circumstance should we hold the bowl of the wine glass that contents our wine. The heat from our hands raises the heat of the wine, which will lead us to the problems mentioned above. The shape of the wine glass should be like a tulip, broad in the bottom and narrow above, in order to help with the accumulation of aromas close to our noses and allowing the necessary shake of the glass without any accidents.