POSTS 5 reasons to drink wine this summer!


5 reasons to drink wine this summer!

Okay, let's be honest, the reasons are many more than 5. If you ask 100 people to tell you a reason to drink wine, you will get 100 different answers. But if we keep the essence and summarize all the reasons that come to mind, we can agree that these 5 are the best reasons to drink wine this summer!


  1. To support Greek producers and save the 2019 vintage

Things are very serious. After the lockdown for COVID-19, winemakers, among others, have been massively hit. Everything was closed for about 3 months so their wines did not reach final selling points such as restaurants, bars, and hotels. As if that were not enough difficult conditions, with ever-increasing cases have led to the closure of several restaurants and bars, while those that operate serve significantly fewer people. We are near harvest season and many producers still have full barrels and tanks. But if we try a little, we can all save vintage 2019 and enjoy excellent Greek wines (win-win situation).

  1. Because it has less calories

Calorie intake is one of our greatest concerns during the summer season. As temperature rises, ice creams can be found in every corner, it is good to be aware of the hidden calories you consume. What are the hidden calories? The calories in coffee, soft drinks, beverages, etc. As you can imagine, a frappuccino caramel probably has 6 times more calories than a humble Freddo espresso. The same goes for wine and cocktails. A glass of white dry wine has about 100 calories while a Mojito has twice as much and for a Pina Colada multiply it by 6.

  1. Because it has low alcohol

When you are laying on the beach or trying to have a drink in an island bar with 40 degrees (it has happened to everyone) it is good to avoid drinks that raise your "internal" temperature. You want something to cool you down! A refreshing white sparkling wine can function as your personal oasis of coolness, with only 11-12% alcohol (how to drink whiskey with 42% alcohol? No way). Alcohol dehydrates and along with the sun and the sea this can be done even faster so prefer a cool white or rosé wine, sparkling or still. And at this point you will ask me: My dear wine geek, why can’t I drink beer? Because the first beer brings a second one and along with them, chips are coming and so I refer you to the above paragraph.

  1. Because it is good for you

Antioxidants and polyphenols are the main ingredients of wine that are really good for you. Antioxidants protect the heart and reduce the effect of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress results from the increase of free radicals from smoking, inflammation, trauma, particular drugs, and environmental pollution (I have a degree in Biochemistry as well!). Polyphenols are found in anthocyanins and tannins (mainly in red wines) and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

  1. Because it goes well with food

When you are in an idyllic tavern in Kini of Syros or in Falassarna of Crete you want to drink an Assyrtiko or a Vidiano with your fish to live the ultimate gastronomic experience that the place has to offer. There is a reason that some pairings are considered classics and if you have not tried them this summer you should definitely do it. Add the following to your list: Clams with Assyrtiko, greek salad, and small fried fish with retsina, stuffed tomatoes with rosé Xinomavro, grilled squid with Malagouzia!


Eva Markaki