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Wine and junk food

Football means pizza and souvlaki! And yes from football I may not know much but in food I am almost an expert. If you put wine in this equation then you can say that I am a pro. I suggest that you combine all these delicious and fatty meals with the right wine, so that you do not drink the usual and impress the company for sure.

  1. Souvlaki

The classic pork skewer (or gyros), tzatziki, tomato, onion, pitta bread is greasy, with vegetable notes from cucumber and parsley, and acidity (tomato, tzatziki). An important role is played by the pitta bread and the, wine killer, onion! We want a wine that is oily but also with high acidity, refreshing, with herbal and dough notes .... I cannot imagine anything better than Karanika's Rose Brut, which has it all. But it has something more that takes off the combination: fine, refreshing bubbles. Souvlaki will never be the same after that....

  1. Burger

A juicy burger (cooked medium please) with caramelized onions, cheddar, bacon and bbq sauce needs desperately a juicy, exuberant red wine, with plenty of fruit and an oak touch as well. Finca Agostino Malbec for the win, I have to say and a test will convince you. If the burger of your choice has fried chicken, sautéed mushrooms, emmental cheese and mayonnaise sauce, then an oaked, rich and buttery Chardonnay like that from Aivalis Winery will fit like a glove.

  1. Pizza

Let's take the classic Greek choice: Special. Ham, bacon, pepperoni, cheese, peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms ask for a red wine, with moderate body and refreshing acidity, botanical notes and soft tannins. In this category you can find many but Elena Walch's Lagrein is designed precisely for this job. If you choose something more .... Italian like a pizza with mozzarella, prosciutto and arugula, then the new diamond from Tatsis Winery, Negoska Rosé, will surely excite you.

  1. Chinese

If you belong to the 5% who will order chow mein, spring rolls and fried rice, I will not let you down. With all these fried delicacies with the spicy notes and soy sauce we want a wine that has fruit, vegetal notes, acidity and medium body. Aiora white from Moschopolis Winery is the perfect combination. If you are a foodie and choose a Peking duck with all of its accessories,  I would suggest a light and round red like Merlot from Mpougiouris Wines.