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Easter Wines

Have you fasted? Whether you did or not, the days of meat- devouring are near! Lambs, pigs, beefs, sausages, cheese pies will parade from our table and require the best wine accompaniment!

Usually, on Holly Saturday, mageiritsa has its honor. It is a demanding dish and difficult to combine, as it is a greasy soup with a lot of herbs but also an egg-lemon sauce, so it is asking for a wine with oily texture, acidity and fruity character. I would recommend Sauvignon Blanc Fume from Domaine Florian, which has matured in oak barrel, so it combines vegetation, oily texture, acidity and plenty of fruit! On the table there will be also, tarts or pies with cheeses which are usually salty and buttery, so a light red wine like A La Venvole from Domaine De Cebene, will fit like a glove.

On Easter Sunday, as the lamb turns tortuously over the fire, several other appetizers will appear on the Easter table. All kinds of greenery are cut into salads or put on pies and they demand an aromatic and fresh white wine, with a vegetal character and crisp acidity. Bet on a delightful Vidiano, like Elia from Karavitakis Vineyards, that combines herbaceous character, fruitiness and acidity in perfect balance.

In the main topic now: lambs! If your lamb or goat is baked in the oven with lots of lemon, garlic and herbs, then the ultimate combination is AM Fine Assyrtiko from Anatolikos Vineyards because it has sharp acidity, complex aromas and full body. The spit-roast lamb wants rich, spicy red with juicy fruit and sharp acidity. My suggestions are Avlotopi from Domaine Tselepos, which is a burst of fruit but spices too, and, of course, at the other end, Naousa from Dalamara Winery with its sharp acidity, and tannins that will do wonders with the greasy meat. When the lamb is milk fed and cut into "stylish" chops, which are made medium rare, a fine and complex red as Malbec Felino from Viña Cobos, will take off the combo with its fruity and aromatic character. In the rare case that you ‘re not into lamb and you prefer beef sirloins and sausages, then an exuberant, robust and spicy red, like Les Creisses will be a perfect match!

Bonus Tip: Eggs are not missing from the festive menu and are known to be a difficult combination for wine! A crisp sparkling such as Rose Brut from Karanika Estate is almost the only choice!


Eva Markaki

Wine Geek