Nicoise salad with salmon and beans
This delicious variation of the classic French salad is the ultimate summer meal. Light and nutritious, it goes perfectly with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc!
Casarecce with tomato sauce and tuna
This dish has it all: tuna, pasta and fresh tomato sauce! It is a good excuse to open a rose from Xinomavro or a light red, slighlty chilled.
The 10 hottest gardens, balconies and terraces in Athens
Overlooking the Acropolis or the city centre, with gardens reminiscent of an oasis or making you feel like you are in the forest ... these are the 10 hottest gardens, balconies and terraces in Athens for this summer. Check them out!
Cold appetisers for wine
As the temperature rises, we are seeking for cold appetisers accompanied by chilled wine! Vassilis shares with us his favourites and suggests the perfect wine pairings, for guaranteed success!
Wine Talks: Yiannis Papargyriou
Yiannis Papargyriou said "This is what I want to do" when he tasted a Chateau Lafite, he’d like to work with Thymiopoulos, he would go crazy if he could have Roussanne and he states that fish soup pairs only with water! And no, he said a lot more! best online wine shop 2019 & 2020 was awarded as the best online wine shop for 2 consecutive years! Read on and find out how we did it!
Wine Talks: Marios Nikolaidis
Marios Nikolaidis would love to have worked with the great Haridimos Hatzidakis, he can't decide which other variety he would like to have, and he is bored when pumping over the cap! And no, he said a lot more!
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