Point A
A stone's throw from the Acropolis, Point A serves incredible creative cuisine, refreshing cocktails and special wines!
Concrete tanks: a new trend or reversion to the simplicity?
Forget what you knew so far. Cement tanks are the biggest trend in the world, creating wines with an emphasis on the terroir and purity of fruit.
Magiasi Wine bar
A wine bar ornament in the beautiful island of Amorgos is exactly what it was missing! Magiasi Wine Bar in the Chora of Amorgos will fill the summer evenings with flavors and aromas!
Gatto Nero Hydra
When the idyllic scenery of the island is combined with the absolute Italian gastronomic experience, you know that something explosive is there!
Calamari fritters with ouzo batter
The best way to take advantage of the tentacles of the squid is to deep fry them in this aromatic batter. Crisp and delicious fit perfectly with a frozen retsina!
A Greek wine for every food, a Greek variety for every taste
The ultimate Greek wine & food pairing suggestions is here: the most up coming Greek grape varieties and their perfect matches!
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