What are natural wines?
What are natural wines? It is the most controversial and at the same time the most "hot" term in the wine industry lately. It's time to clear things up!
Wine Oscars 2020: The Winners
The results of the Wine Oscars 2020 are here! Check to see if your favorite wine won!
Contest for invitations for Artisanal Wineries of Greece Wine Show
Win Invitations for the 2nd Wine Show of the Artisanal Wineries of Greece! If you missed it last year you should definitely go and try some "outstanding wines from outstanding people"!
Tuscany: Everything you need to know about her wines in 5 minutes
Tuscany is a paradise on earth with amazing wines, sublime gastronomy and lacy vineyards. Travel mentally to Chianti and learn everything you need to know in 5 minutes.
The Best Greek Wines of 2019
These are the Best Greek Wines of 2019 according to the 34.300 members of Botilia.gr.
Risotto with butternut squash and sage
Easy? Very!Quick? Ready in 10 minutes!Tasteful? Unbelievably!
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