Kotsovolos & Botilia.gr bring the experience of New Year's Eve Wines
We teamed up with Kotsovolos to bring you a premium wine tasting experience of Wines for New Year's Eve
Tart with minced meat and yams
Festive and rich tart for all the festive gatherings with friends!
Decoding the aromas of the wine
You have definitely smelled banana or clove in a wine and wondered how this can be. It's time to learn everything about it by reading below.
Best Online Wine Shop in Greece !🏆
Botilia was awarded the Best Online Wine Shop in Greece at the E-Volution Awards 2019!
Bean soup with sausage
The absolute comfort food of winter, the bean soup, is highly elevated with a bit of spicy sausage. It fits like a glove with a glass of Xinomavro!
What happens to the old barrels?
Where do the barrels go when they "die"? It's highly unlikely you never wonder about the fate of the old barrels. Read below and all your questions will be answered.
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