goes to Taste of Athens
The biggest gastronomic festival in the world is finally coming to Greece and will be at its most central point with an avant-garde wine bar and many surprises!
Concrete tanks: a new trend or reversion to the simplicity?
Forget what you knew so far. Cement tanks are the biggest trend in the world, creating wines with an emphasis on the terroir and purity of fruit.
A Greek wine for every food, a Greek variety for every taste
The ultimate Greek wine & food pairing suggestions is here: the most up coming Greek grape varieties and their perfect matches!
10 favorite wine bars of Athens
Wine lover or not, these are the wine bars you should pay a visit!
5 wines for the beach
Now that summer has finally arrived and the raids on the beach start off dynamically, we have 5 unbeatable choices of wine to break the monotony of beer!
Mavroudi in 5'!
One of the oldest Greek varieties and, perhaps, the one that get Polyphemus drunk! Everything you need to know about Mavroudi in 5 '!
Wine and junk food
The ultimate food & wine pairing for the football nights that are coming!
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