Easter Wines
Have you fasted? Whether you did or not, the days of meat- devouring are near!
What makes a wine expensive?
If you're wondering why some wines are more expensive than others we have all the answers.
Wine Oscars: The Winners
The results of Wine Oscars are here! Tap to see if you your favorite wine won!
Roxanne Matsa: The mother of Malagouzia
The great lady of Kantza and the mother of Malagouzia is probably one of the most outstanding Wine Personalities you will ever meet.
Burgundy: A quick tour in in 5'!
Learn all you need to know about the legendary Burgundy region, its cru, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay!
Wine for Pasta Lovers!
Now that the weather has got a bit chilly, are you in the mood for going out? But what are we eating? Of course, the easiest, tastier, faster and at the same time absolute "comfort food": Pasta!
Τempranillo in 5'!
The most important variety of Spain gets in the microscope of botilia.gr. Learn what you need to know about Tempranillo in 5 '!
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