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Kyrios Bar - Restaurant
Atmospheric and luxurious, Kyrios is one of the most beautiful bar restaurants in Athens. You can enjoy your coffee, breakfast, food and cocktail every hour of the day!
To KREAS meat & spirits
"To KREAS" is a delightful restaurant in the most flavorful district. In an old house with a lovely terrace and intriguing smells for sworn meat lovers!
Endochora Andros
The enchanting and cosmopolitan setting of Endochora Restaurant invites you to taste delicious dishes, with an emphasis on the local element accompanied by fine wine choices! Will you resist?
Blue Bamboo Serifos
The best thai restaurant in Athens goes to Serifos! Pad Thai, spring rolls, checken stir fry with pineapple and coconut milk and many more!
Canova Sifnos
In one of the most beautiful and quiet balconies of Sifnos, in Apolonia, Nikolas Zacharopoulos and Ziyad Saleh create amazing dishes based on the new Mediterranean cuisine combined with uniquely selected wines by Alexander Triantafyllou and Angelos Damoulianos, that will amaze you!
Metaxi Mas Santorini
Delicious comfort food, good wines and breathtaking scenery compose the most delicious secret of Santorini!
Mezzo Restaurant Santorini
Overlooking the endless blue and the most enchanting sunset, exquisite flavors and a well-informed wine list, Mezzo Restaurant is a must in Santorini!
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