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The 23 Best Greek Wines of 2023

So it's that time of the year again when the team will reveal to you the coveted list of the Best Greek Wines of the past year! The list emerged after the purchases, but also the voting done by the 65,000+ members of Botilia, to come up with those that stood out among the hundreds that passed through Botilia. gr and finally deserved to be distinguished as the Best Greek Wines of 2023. To be more specific about the process, the team makes the initial, strict selection among thousand wines that pass through its glasses during the year. From these, the best are selected, both in terms of quality and value for money and these are available both to Botilia members and the general public. Botilia members, in addition to their purchases, can add to their favorites and rate the wines they taste. We note that they can only rate wines that they have bought (and thus tasted) to make the process more transparent and accurate.

All this resulted in the following list of the Best Greek Wines of 2023:


23. Goumenissa 2020 - Chatzivariti Winery

Goumenissa is a blend of the Xinomavro and Negoska varieties, aged in old French oak barrels for 18 months. The unique characteristics of the two varieties unfold with uniqueness, highlighting at the same time the terroir of Goumenissa. Rich, complex, and very elaborately crafted!


22. Synoro 2020 – Domaine Skouras

Synoro is a blend of the Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Agiorgitiko varieties and takes its name from the 3 vineyards that border each other. It is, without doubt, the best red wine of Giorgos Skouras and is always among the top preferences of a large and loyal audience. Intoxicating aromas of violets, lavender, and roses, with their velvety tannins, rich body, and attractive price, have created a great number of fans!


21. F by Foivos 2022 - Foivos Papastratis

It is one of those wines that grabs you by the nose! F by Foivos - Foivos Papastratis has the aromatic character of Moschato, with flowers and delights that cannot go unnoticed. The acidity of Assyrtiko comes to give additional freshness and finally composes a delicious, aromatic, and well-structured white wine. For all these reasons it has also won a bronze medal from Decanter!


20. Brut Cuvee Speciale 2021 - Karanika Estate

The Brut Cuvee Speciale of the Karanikas Estate does not need special recommendations since it is one of the best Greek sparkling wines. Xinomavro from selected vines, over 40 years old, cultivated with organic and biodynamic methods, is vinified with the traditional champagne method (méthode traditionnelle). Karanika Brut Cuvee Speciale is truly unique!


19. Naoussa 2017 - Kelesidi Estate

Naoussa from Ktima Kelesidis from the "Grand Cru" vineyard in Giannakochori, Naoussa seems to be again one of your favorite Xinomavros. Straddling between modern and classic winemaking, it can satisfy everyone as long as it is paired with the right dish. This wine has been made for gastronomic pleasures and exuberant dishes.


18. Geranium Rosé 2022 - Karavitaki Vineyards

Geranium is the wine bet of Nikos Karavitakis to make a Provence-style rosé, which is not only colour and aromas but has structure, volume, and complexity. The Grenache Rouge grapes were vinified in the tank and French oak barrels, while their stay on the lees gave a wine with elegant aromas, creamy texture, and crisp acidity. Pure masterpiece!


17. Nemea Old Vines 2015 - Papaioannou Estate

An Agiorgitiko from the Grand Cru region of Greece, whose value for money is unbeatable. A deeply formal expression of the variety that could not be missing from this list.


16. Terre De Zeus Xinomavro 2021 - Navitas Winery

Terre de Zeus Xinomavro Navitas is one of the best, modern, new-age, Xinomavro out there! Single vineyard Xinomavro, with a super fine and fruity character that has almost been pre-sold before it was even released, is again the pleasant surprise on the list of the best Greek wines of the year.


15. Rose de Xinomavro 2022 - Thymiopoulos Vineyards

The champion of the badass rosé category, Rose de Xinomavro, stole the show again this year. It may not have the soft color of Provence rosés, but it doesn't need it either, since what characterizes it is its complexity, tomato character, and impressive structure, which you rarely find in rosé wines.


14. Deka White 2015 - Oinogenesis Estate

Deka White- Estate Oinogenesis is a great wine, with huge aging potential and a solid value in Greek wine! Bakis Tsalkos, having made great Greek wines, followed his path and created a wine with excellent structure and remarkable complexity!


13. Idylle d'Achinos 2022 - La Tour Melas

This was no surprise at all! The #1 Greek rosé is as fantastic as it sounds! The great romance of Grenache, Syrah, and Agiorgitiko gave a rosé with a very delicate salmon color, and aromas of strawberries, stone cherry, and pink grapefruit, placing it on the list of the most refined and delightful rosé wines!


12. Bucephale 2020 - League Estate

Bucephale from the Ligas Estate has the attitude of the "Diva" wines since it appears on the lists of the best restaurants abroad, which have received Michelin stars. It is made only in the best years and comes exclusively from old vines and concentrated fruits. Full-bodied with rosy tannins and an intoxicating aromatic character, it is the cup of wine for all collectors and fans of King Xinomavro.


11. Moschopolis 18 2021 - Moschopolis Winery 

The magical and now favorite blend of Mavrotragano and Syrah, from the Germanis family, with the native yeasts and the eighteen-month aging in a barrel, has consistently been on the list of the best Greek wines every year since the first year it was released. Velvety, rich and complex it gets better every year and this is probably why it sells out only a few months after its release!


10. Hoof & Lur 2022 - Troupi Winery

Hoof & Lur has caught not only our attention but also that of some of the world's best wine critics. This very special version of the red variety is essentially an orange version of it with very fun floral and citrus aromas, crisp acidity, and subtle delightful tannins. Gastronomically it is unsurpassed and for all these reasons its place is right here!


9. La Reine des Montagnes Noire 2022 - Papargyriou Estate

Yiannis Papargyriou completes the chessboard with his strongest piece and next to the king Le Roi des Montagnes, he finally puts Mavrodaphni in the position that suits her. That of the queen! A variety that, no matter how much it forced him legislatively, finally brought him out white-faced, proving that he has enormous potential and can do great things. A truly special wine!


8. Naoussa Grande Reserve 2011 - Boutari Winery

A wine from the historic cellars of Naoussa, which proves the flawless collaboration between the art of winemaking and time. Xinomavro from very selected vines was vinified separately and after 24 months in French oak barrels, it rested for another while in the bottle. Its complexity and the unquenchable purity of the fruit leave us amazed!


7. 3 Ampelia 2021 - Oeno P

The magical hand of Paris Sigala cannot but create great wines. The artist of the Santorini vineyard made a very dynamic return to the Greek wine scene and led Assyrtiko to the extreme. The 3 different vineyards, over 60 years old, produced excellent fruit and Paris turned it into a majestic Assyrtiko born for great thrills.


6. Clos Stegasta Mavrotragano 2021 - T-Oinos Winery

Clos Stegasta Mavrotragano from the T-Oinos winery is a red wine that impresses everyone, both with its structure and complexity. And how could it be otherwise since behind this wine is a dream team, with the best oenologists from Bordeaux and California! It is a top example of the variety that easily puts down many versions of Mavrotraganos from Santorini and has deservedly earned its place among the best Greek wines.


5. Kotsifali Indigenous Yeasts 2019 - Karavitaki Vineyards

Kotsifali Native Yeasts from the Karavitaki winery is one of the finest reds of Crete and introduces the awkward red variety, differently. The old Kotsifali vines and the terroir of Crete collaborated perfectly with Nikos Karavitakis, who highlighted the elegant side of the variety, a side that had not been discovered until then.


4. Pyritis 2021 - Artemis Karamolegos Winery

Artemis Karamolegos Winery's Pyritis is one of the greatest Santorini wines in circulation. It highlights the greatness of Assyrtiko and the plenty of distinctions it gets, cause no surprise! Exuberant and at the same time elegant, it expresses exceptionally the terroir of the best vines on the island, aged 120 years and more.


3. Le Sang de la Pierre 2022 - Aivali Winery

Le Sang is one of the most impressive Agiorgitiko wines that have been released so far! Every year it sells out almost immediately and the reason for this is the enormous concentration of fruit, its very good, velvety structure, and its impressive complexity. Constantly in the favorite choices and with a fanatical audience.


2. Blanc Des Coteaux Cuvee Amphora 2020 - Thymiopoulos Vineyards

No introduction is needed for the winemaker and the style of his wines, perhaps just a little confirmation that Apostolos is full of surprises. After taming Xinomavro, he makes the change and vinifies 4 white varieties, in a blend that will of course remain unforgettable. Malagouzia, Vidiano, Aidani, and Assyrtiko, were vinified in amphorae and barrels resulting in a wine with impressive aromas, a nice body, and acidity, with the characteristic sensation of honey and a gentle oiliness. Surprise everyone!


1. Nostos Mourvedre 2019 - Manousaki Winery

The unicorn of Crete from the Manousaki family winery, which is rightfully one of the best in the country! If you've got your hands on one of these bottles, you should feel incredibly lucky, as they usually disappear in the blink of an eye and the bottles are almost collectible. Its deep purple color and intoxicating aromas are complemented by an impressive structure and body, uniquely highlighting the variety and Cretan majesty. Nostos Mourvedre is the pride of the family and of course, ours too, because it shines in Greece and abroad! We almost expected it to be the best Greek wine of the year 2023!


 Botilia's Team