POSTS 5 tips for Removing Red Wine Stains


5 tips for Removing Red Wine Stains

1st tragic case

You're at a party. Someone bumps into you and all the red wine from your glass ends up on your favorite shirt.


2nd tragic case 

You have a home gathering and one of your friends gets overexcited and a significant amount of red wine from his glass ends up on your beloved sofa!

Let's start by saying that none of the above two cases is pleasant. But given that they happened, it is good to know how you will save your favorite object (shirt / couch) this tragic moment.


Tip 1 

Act as fast as possible

Time is your worst enemy. Act fast. How are you going to do it? First take a deep breath avoiding panic and start coping with the problem. If you are having people over, it's not a bad idea to have prepared a red wine stain removal kit before they come. Just in case…


Tip 2 

Dab, do not rub

It is almost certain that the first reflex reaction is to start rubbing the stain. Do not do it. Rubbing will allow the stain to penetrate deeper into the cloth, causing just the opposite of what you are seeking. The right thing to do is to get kitchen paper towels and press it repeatedly over the stain to remove as much moisture as you can.


Tip 3 

Soda and salt

These are two basic tools in the treatment of stains of red wine. Throw a lot of club soda over the stain area and then cover it with plenty of salt. Gently pour the salt over the stain and leave it all night. The next day remove the salt with the vacuum cleaner and you are most likely to be surprised with the result. Your sofa or shirt will be like brand new!


Tip 4 

Dishwasher liquid and hydrogen peroxide solution

If the stain is more persistent or has already dried a bit before you react, then mix one part of dishwashing liquid and three parts of a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Make the mixture ahead and then spread it over the stain and let it soak. You may need to apply it 2-3 times but gradually you will see the stain disappear. 


Tip 5 

White wine

As much as we like to drink it, white wine is a very good solution for removing red wine stains. Although it does not always work, it's a good choice if you cannot apply any of the above. Take a bottle of white wine (Malagouzia, Sauvignon Blanc, Moschofilero etc) and pour some on the stain. With plenty of kitchen paper, try to remove moisture by pressing the stain without rubbing it. You will see that white wine dissolves the red and does not allow it to stay on the cloth.