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Orzo pasta with shrimps, finocchio and Arseniko of Naxos
This food it's so summery! Get together, open a nice rosé wine and enjoy it to the fullest!
Stuffed veggies with couscous
The ultimate summer food in a different version!
Meatballs in the oven stuffed with Talagani cheese
Who does not love meatballs? This recipe with Talagani cheese will become your favorite!
Roast beef with sweet potato puree and gravy
Juicy beef fillet with rich sauce and velvety puree! It's time to get this red wine, that you kept for a special occasion, out of the wine cooler!
Slow braised beef with smoked paprika and mushrooms
This beef literally melts in your mouth! It's perfect for the Sunday table or for a dinner with friends. Uncork a bottle of Xinomavro and enjoy it!
Quiche with butternut squash, sage and chevre
Now that is pumpkin season this tart is the perfect excuse to invite friends and uncork a fine bottle of wine!
Tomato pie with cheeses from Naxos
As long as summer mood and summer, juicy tomatoes exist, make this delicious tomato pie and drink a glass of rose from xinomavro!
Calamari fritters with ouzo batter
The best way to take advantage of the tentacles of the squid is to deep fry them in this aromatic batter. Crisp and delicious fit perfectly with a frozen retsina!
Sofrito from Corfu
One of the most delicious traditional dishes of Corfu! It will fill the house with aromas...
Pasta salad with salmon, broccoli and tartar sauce
Rich salad full of aromas and flavors! It is a great proposal for a buffet, an appetizer or a light meal!
Salad with smoked trout, green apple and herbs
There is nothing better than a light, cool salad during summer. If it contains some smoked trout, even better!
Spaghetti with shrimps, lemon and fennel
A pasta reminiscent of an island, of summer, of sea, like a cool, light sea breeze, with very few ingredients and Mediterranean flavor.
Willd boar with vinsanto and citrus
This is the ultimate recipe for braised wild boar! It will melt in your mouth!
Salad with chicken and mango
Refreshing, exotic and healthy recipe!
Spaghetti with meatballs
A traditional Italian recipe that has countless versions, from almost all national cuisines. Here, there is the original version by mama Italia!
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