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Basic pork cuts and their wine pairings
What do we drink with a pork shank? What is pancetta? How do we make the perfect pork tenderloin? All these things and so much more, along with their best wine pairings are here!
Pork with quince and carob syrup
A festive recipe that will excite your guests. The festivities want good company, nice food and great wine.
Pork tenderloin with sun dried tomatoes
A delicious dish for beautiful moments! A favorite recipe of pork tenderloin with sun dried tomatoes that always does credit to the cook!
Pork fricassee with celery
A traditional Christmas dish!
Pork chops with Dijon sauce
An easy and enjoyable recipe that never gets boring! If you want a quick dish that will not keep you in the kitchen for long, this is a great choice.
Pork chops with tomato jam and crispy leek
Tasty, quick recipe for pork chops that differ! Tomato jam highlights the flavors and gives harmony to an already interesting dish!
Pork kebabs
A recipe that smells like bbq! Enjoy it with a juicy red wine !
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