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The proper wine glass for every style of wine
The importance of the glass in the enjoyment of wine is crucial. White, red, sparkling and sweet wines need the right glass!
5 tips for Removing Red Wine Stains
These are the top Greek grape varietis for the year that passed. These excelled in Greece and abroad!
Ossobuco with gremolata and risotto Milanese
A winter delighfull recipe! Complex flavors and aromas will impress your company. It may take some  time, but you will agree too, that it is worth waiting ...
Pairing red wine with fish
Red wine and fish? The nightmare of every sommelier! But as we firmly believe that no one should be oppressed about wine and food, we are here to give solutions to all unrepentant red wine lovers!
Roast beef with spices and red wine sauce
Celebrate Christmas with a delicious meal! Classic but also trendy, surely festive, this roast beef will excite everyone at the table!
6 ways in which red wine is good for your health
We have all heard that a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart. However, the following research shows that it does much more than that, contributing significantly to the improvement of our health, always under the condition of controlled consumption.
Beef stew with red wine
If you are looking for a good opportunity to open a fine bottle of red wine, then you surely found it with this dish ...
Fillet Mignon with red wine sauce
A nice piece of meat needs the right wine to shine. Try a fillet cooked with red wine sauce. We suggest to accompany it with the same red wine that you used for the sauce.
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