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Spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes, pecorino and basil
A great recipe with the last cherry tomatoes of summer!
Orzo pasta with shrimps, finocchio and Arseniko of Naxos
This food it's so summery! Get together, open a nice rosé wine and enjoy it to the fullest!
Οctopus with tubetti half pasta in the oven.
A classic but delicious recipe with octopus. The perfect alibi to open a rose wine from Xinomavro.
Wine for Pasta Lovers!
Now that the weather has got a bit chilly, are you in the mood for going out? But what are we eating? Of course, the easiest, tastier, faster and at the same time absolute "comfort food": Pasta!
Pasta bake with bolognese sauce
Now that the weather is a bit chilly and reminds of autumn, a rich and delicious pasta bake is the ultimate comfort food!
Pasta salad with salmon, broccoli and tartar sauce
Rich salad full of aromas and flavors! It is a great proposal for a buffet, an appetizer or a light meal!
Spaghetti with shrimps, lemon and fennel
A pasta reminiscent of an island, of summer, of sea, like a cool, light sea breeze, with very few ingredients and Mediterranean flavor.
Linguini with red mullet fillet, capers, leek, cherry tomatoes and lemon
Love for fish! A delicious recipe from a favorite chef and the joy of wine pairing!
Lasagna in the oven with mushrooms and prosciutto
A great recipe for lasagna in the oven. Pair it with a nice red wine to fully enjoy it!
Wild boar casserole with tagliatelle pasta
If you want to have a glass of an old-fashioned Xinomavro, do it right and pair it with a rustique, hearty casserole. This is deffinately the dish it deserves!
The authentic Italian recipe for a delicious carbonara, the most famous Italian dish.
Rigatoni with tomato, pancetta and goat cheese
A unique combination that will excite you! Easy and delicious, it will amaze your guests!
Pappardelle pasta with saffron and green onion
A romantic candle light dinner ... A delicious and quick dinner that will impress your guests!
Pasta with seafood sauce
Marinara is the ultimate summer pasta! Are you looking for the perfect pairing for a white wine? You probably could not make a better choice!
Beef stew with tomato sauce and pasta
Traditional beef stew with pasta. Simple and delicious recipe for the everyday table.
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